Rencontres et débats à l'IMA

From February to July 2023

Graphic identity of trimester booklet of cultural activities and conferences at Institut du monde arabe

Les Journées de l'Histoire de l'Institut du monde arabe

April 2023

Graphic identity of the ninth edition named "Paysages, climats et sociétés"
of "Les Journées de l'Histoire de l'Institut du monde arabe"
Booklet with the program from May 12th to 14th and digital media for press and social medias

L'Orient sonore

June 2021

Diploma project for my master in editorial design.
Discover the diversity of musical practices of the Eastern world in an enriched
bilingual version full of interviews, highlights on great voices, lyrics of iconic songs.
All the original contents belong to Mucem museum.

Collection Gary

January 2021

Book covers in risography for the collection of the French writer Romain Gary.
With the typeface Gary.


January 2020

New face for the magazine Books.
Redraw of the Franklin Gothic character for the typogram.
Cover variations, complete model of the pages of text.


January 2020

A book about the exhaustion of Robert Büchler’s composition, a swiss typographer.
Rub on letters transfers of Helvetica typeface were the oportunity to give another look on Swiss design.

La folle enchère

December 2019

This is a modern version of Madame Ulrich’s play La Folle Enchère, 1691.
An intrepretation based on the stating of Aurore Évain, between the 17th century and the 80’s.
Type design and ligatures for the cover page from the typeface Bookmania.

Illusions Perdues

October 2019

Micro and macro typographic development of Honoré de Balzac’s short story Illusions perdues.


June 2019

Dissertation about the art scene in Morocco.
Project for my DMA diploma.


September 2018

A collection of short stories about stairs, written by students.
Evolution of the layout according to the stairs as an object or as a philosophical idea.


December 2023

Graphic identity of the exhibition "Réémerger" with the work of Vasco Hérault
Photographs by Vasco Hérault

Heat parade

January 2021

Mantra scarves.
Collective project with Margot Gaillard and Louise Scrima.
The concept is simple : a scarf, a mantra, a custom typeface. Limited edition, 60 pieces. Typeface by Margot Gaillard.

Centre Pompidou

January 2020

Redesign of the Centre Pompidou’s online shop.
The aim is to create more links between the objects from exhibitions and artists.
To provide more cultural and artistic content, the emphasis has been placed
on the ease of access to this content via each product sheet.


April 2018

A full-page of poetry from the collective of poets Dézopilant around the theme Poetry will save the world.
DÉZOP® is a notice, a guide which creates new poemes with the different ways offered.



Typeface based on the style of the French writer Romain Gary.



Metal type by Adrien Midzic.
Participation during my internship at studio NE-PO on the cyrillic part.



Typeface based on a humanistic calligraphy.

Capitale Romaine


Typeface based on the traditional proportions of antic Roman Capitals.